Artist Development and Why It’s Still Important

I was on Facebook, MINDING MY DAMN BUSINESS, when I saw a post (it could really be classified as a rant) about hip hop artists performing over their vocal tracks in their shows and how that is considered “karaoke”. Of course, I chimed in because I agreed with the statement that artists definitely should not be doing live performances over their vocal tracks. Following my comment (which was a simple “YAAAASSSS!”), another user, a hip-hop artist, asked

“Well what do you expect us to do just rap over an instrumental?”

Not going to lie ya’ll…I was pretty annoyed by that comment so I responded back as nicely as I possibly could without coming off as a b***h…

“It’s called a performance track…google is your friend.”

And that my lovelies is what brings us to this topic. ARTIST DEVELOPMENT. These days I feel like labels, especially with hip hop artists, are completely bypassing the artist development process. As a recording artist, you should want to be best damn artist in the recording booth AND on the stage. Your live show is what gives you longevity, keeps you relevant and keeps you PAID. Artist development is more than just learning how to finesse a crowd tho, here’s some reasons why it makes a difference:

  • It helps artists manifest their creativity and hone it.
  • It gives the artist the opportunity to have a proper “discovery process” and build their fan base.
  • Helps you find your image as an artist.
  • Gives you time to educate yourself about your business management, contracts, law and legal issues as it pertains to your career as an artist
  • Allows you time to mentally and physically prepare for the demands of being a recording artist

For example, I recently saw recording artist, Kevin Ross perform live in concert and he talked about his journey as an artist and how long it took for him to get to the point where he is at now. Kevin released his debut album, The Awakening, in March (after many push backs) and is currently headlining his FIRST solo tour. Kevin has been actively working in the music industry for almost 10 years ya’ll. He’s JUST starting to become a name and gain a following. Kevin credits the artist development process as he says it prepared him for what’s happening right this very moment in his career.

How does this relate to you?

Social media may make it seem like artists are just blowing up overnight and that’s just not the case. Don’t rush the process. Take time to develop yourself and your craft. Don’t rush out to get a manager or a publicist if you aren’t even performing on a regular basis. DO educate yourself in the music business and become involved with process and understand completely what it is you want to accomplish as an artist.

As I stated before, Google is your friend! A simple search will bring up plenty of articles and resources to help you in your personal artist development process.  Follow us on Instagram for more music biz insider tips!

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